Cellucor C4 Pre Workout Review


This is my absolute favourite pre-workout on the market.

I take one scoop of C4 20-30 minutes before I train. This product has made a huge impact on my workout. It has helped me maintain my focus and gives me a rush of energy that sustains me through my pump. I feel like I could lift for hours. You definitely feel the beta-alanine tingles from this product, I always feel it in my hands and face but to be honest, I love it.

The ‘On The Go’ products are so convenient. I use them when I go to the gym between classes.  As I’ve said before, I hate carrying things around with me all day when I’m in college so these bottles are exactly what I need in my life.

I definitely give this product a 10/10. I don’t think I’ll ever change my pre-workout! Seriously, it tastes amazing as well.  I’m a massive fan of the Icy Blue Razz.




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