Revenge Body: An Unhealthy Obsession


“Looking great is always the best revenge,” – Khloe Kardashian

Type “revenge body” into Google and the first thing that comes up is Khloe Kardashian and how her show empowers women. I completely disagree. Even the term “revenge body” is a negative term. Even look at the top definition of it on Urban Dictionary:

When you break up with someone, usually a cheating piece of shit who really wasn’t worth your time and you work your ass off to look the best you can just to piss him/her off and make them regret their poor choices.
Can’t wait until he sees this revenge body, he’s going to regret fucking that hoe and losing me.”


I watched Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian before I wrote this. This show seems ridiculous, just praising Khloe Kardashian for her looks and realistically she didn’t just lose weight and eat right, these are rich people who have had plastic surgery. One of the first things she asks the participants of the show is “Who is the person you want to get revenge on?” that is completely toxic. They whole idea of a revenge body is toxic. This is not the right motivation to get in shape. Khloe has said this show is to transform you spiritually and emotionally as well as a physical transformation but what bothers me the most is the participants citing family members, ex boyfriends, and friends as their reason to get “revenge”.

Speaking from my own personal experiences, I was called fat by friends and told by family members I was heavy, which I was. I never went to seek revenge on them because that is an extremely unhealthy mindset. I reached a point in my life when I decided for myself that I needed to make a change. Which I did, I didn’t do it for anyone but myself. You should never do anything that isn’t for yourself. Never change for anyone.

In my opinion, a “revenge body” is completely unhealthy. You may transform yourself on the outside but what about on the inside? How is your mental health if you are focusing on transforming yourself because of someone else? Do you think your ex will want you back because you are now thinner? Why would you want them back in your life if they only want you back because you are now aesthetically pleasing to them?

Instead of focusing on getting a revenge body, focus on moving on. Focus on yourself.


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