Home Physio (Video) 

So as the majority of people know, I have a meniscal tear on my left knee. My physio gave me some knee strengthening exercises to do at home.

The first one is a static quadriceps exercise. This one I have no problem with at all. You straighten your leg and then bend it, bring it up as far as you can to your butt without tending your glutes. 

The second exercise is an inner range quadriceps exercise. Put your knee over a towel, pillow, etc. Pressing down as hard as you can without causing pain. You can clearly see that my knee is very weak and I can’t press down much. 

The third exercise is a straight leg raise. Sit with your leg straight, straighten the knee and lift off the floor as high as you can without pain. You can also see here that I can’t get my leg up more than a few inches off the ground. 

A few weeks ago I couldn’t even straighten my leg cuz it was locked so slowly getting there. 


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