Bootea: An honest review 

With my Nighttime Tea

So, we’ve all seen those teas and coffees advertised all over Instagram by celebrities that are supposed detox you, give you abs and turn you into a fitness model in 14 days! 

I decided to try it out, just out of curiousity. Wasn’t expecting much except to drink bad tasting tea for 14 days. 

I really didn’t like the taste of the tea. The nighttime tea tasted worse than the daytime. 

The first 4 days were fine and then Day 5 was a different story. 

This is an actual message that I sent a friend: 

I quit the teatox on day 6. The pain was unbearable, I actually thought I was gonna have to go into the doctor cuz the pain was so bad. I was nearly brought to tears. I obviously know that the tea makes you have to use the bathroom, so I was expecting that. I wasn’t expecting to feel like a chestburster was trying to dig its way out of my bed. 

I would never recommend a teatox or anything to anyone. 


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