Physiotherapy: Week 1


I started my first session of physiotherapy today. It went well considering I was a mess, I looked homeless. Had a bad night, barely any sleep, rolled out of bed at 8:10am. I remembered to brush my teeth but forgot to brush my hair. Left the house at 8:30am, arrived at the hospital at 8:50am. As I got out of the car, I noticed that my leggings were stained. I must have spilled something on them. So got a good image of that? Unbrushed hair, no makeup and stained clothes. Classy!

So, when I went into the Physiotherapy ward, I had to wait for a small bit. Wanting to die in the process, thinking that everyone was looking at me, the dishevelled heap in the corner who was trying to remember did I put on deodorant. (I did). After a while, I was greeted by this extremely nice student physio. So she took me down to one of the beds in the ward, just had to go through some questions and just get a look at my range of motion in my leg.


She did give me some good news though, surgery might not be an option. Still waiting to hear back about when my MRI will be but fingers crossed no surgery is needed.

We started on some strength building exercises. I had to do wall squats, you could visibly see my leg shaking just cuz the muscle is so weak right now. That does kind of piss me off, considering that I was able to squat no problem with weights and stuff and now body weight makes me shaky. I do get told that I am being too hard on myself because it has only been 2 months since I first went to hospital about this but I just wanna be better already. I want to go running and get back lifting weights. I know it takes time but it is frustrating. Even walking up and down stairs has to be done in a particular way.

Some of the other exercises that I had to do were, wrapping a resistance band around my ankles and squeezing a foam ball between my legs as hard as I could. That one wasn’t painful to my knee. The exercise where I have to point my toes up and bring my leg up as high as I can. That’s the killer. I can barely get my leg up in the air. It’s extremely painful. The final exercise I did, was a bridge. They put a balance cushion under my feet for it, just to engage the muscles more.

I’m going to hopefully record a video before the weekend of the new strength building exercises, if you want to see.

Please someone remind me to brush my hair before going to physio next week!!



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