Physiotherapy: Week 2 

So, I had my second session of physiotherapy yesterday. I didn’t look homeless this time. Go me! 
Started off by taking off my pants… I had shorts underneath so calm down. I haven’t worn my gym shorts since last year, since I have put on a bit of weight since the injury so my shorts fitted like booty shorts. Pretty sure my physio saw my butt cheeks. 
I got on the bed and started getting my leg moved in every direction and angle possible to check the range of motion and how bad the pain was. Pain was around a 6/10. My knee is currently still buckling underneath me if I walk to much. So, I’m still in the squeaky knee brace when I have to walk for a good amount of time. 
Then went down to the gym to do some exercise. We had to lower the time on my wall squats from 10 seconds to 5 seconds because my knee can’t handle it. My legs start shaking like crazy and the pain is just too hard to handle. 
My glute bridge was fine, the physio added in a soft ball to put between my knees to squeeze in as I lifted up into the bridge. That exercise is the easiest one that I find. 
Had to do sliders then. Put my leg on this slidy (totally a real word) and slid my heel up to my butt as I was laying down. They put a mirror on the bottom of the bed so I could see that my knee is veering off to the right as I’m sliding it back down straight. So I have to learn how to control my knee to straighten it up as I slide down. When they checked my walking they also saw that my knee is veering to the inside. They told me that my injury is causing my leg to kinda collapse in so I have to train my leg to remain straight. 
The last exercise we did was the clam. Laid down on my side with a resistance band around my knees, keep my heels together and lift my knee up. That one was kinda weird. Just cuz I keep accidentally moving my ankles. 
Have no word yet on my MRI, sadly. The physio did say that the movement of my knee is a little better though from last week. They could see that I could move it a little higher up than last week. Small improvement so little by little I’m getting there. 

Spotted this as I was leaving the hospital. 


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