Physiotherapy: Week 3 

Had my third session today. Didn’t get any gym time because it was occupied. Today was mainly about balance and stretches. 
Along with my knee injury, I had some tightness in my right hip/butt. I thought (and the physio confirmed) that it was from extra pressure on my right side. As I’m currently favouring that side when I walk. 
So, like the previous weeks. I had my legs pulled and stretched in every direction possible just to check out the range. For the tightening in my hip they just slighted massaged the side of my glute to check the tenderness and we did some figure four stretches. Though every time “figure four” was said, all I could think of was Charlotte Flair. 
Had to work on my balance as well. Standing on one leg while my foot was on the ground, then standing on one leg on a balance foam and then the worst, standing on one leg with your eyes clothes. You might think that sounds easy, try it. 
For the wall squat, they added a pillow in between my knees just to make it a little harder cuz I’ve to squeeze that while doing the wall squat and now instead of using the resistance band and the balance cushion while I do glute bridges, I’ll be doing them on one leg. Just to make it harder. 
I also got a new knee brace! Yay! I asked for a black one so I could look like Stone Cold Steve Austin and one of the Physio’s just walked away. C’mon, I wanna raise some hell! 
My knee is making small improvements so I’m happy. 
No physio now for 2 weeks. Hopefully hitting the gym tomorrow if my knee is up for it. 


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