How I Reduce Anxiety At Night

IMG_4672Anxiety is horrible, I suffer with panic attacks when everything builds up and spins out of control. I’ve noticed the past few months that my anxiety levels have increased especially when I’m trying to sleep, I get flustered and panic over everything so easily lately. I have medication from my doctor to help though I try to keep them for when it’s terrible but I decided to try looking into other ways to help without the use of medication cuz I hate taking tablets to help me sleep.

My bedroom is one of my favourite places it’s filled with things I love but I had too many things in there. I had books EVERYWHERE so I bought a bookcase to put them all onto and then took one corner where I had stacks of books right by my bed and changed that space so now it is home to only candles and my lamp. You might ask what cleaning your room has to do with anxiety? I didn’t clean, I decluttered the room turning it into a more relaxed space for me to unwind.

IMG_4663.JPGHimalayan Salt Lamp, Scented Candle No 3 and a glass of Champagne

I ended up buying a Himalayan salt lamp for my bedroom, they’re supposed to have all these benefits which is probably some hippie bullshit but I’m open and willing to try new things, so I picked up a 3-4KG one from Horan’s Health Store for €33. That night, I turned it on about an hour before I went to sleep and I had one of the best nights sleep in weeks. I tend to wake up 7-8 times throughout the night and actually only woke up twice. I’m not saying the lamp helped me sleep, maybe it did cuz brain believed that I would, I don’t know but I do find the glow of the salt lamp more relaxing than the light from a normal lamp. Salt lamps aren’t meant to be super bright, they’re just meant to give a light glow and to me the light from it is completely relaxing. Since I got it, I put it on every night before bed and just have the most relaxed night’s sleep.

Scented candles are another thing I use to relax before bed. I bought a few of the Jo Malone London dupes that were in Aldi and holy fuck, the scents are amazing. At night when I turn on the salt lamp I light No 3 which is Pomegranate Noir. It is the perfect night time scent. It has this rich but calming scent. I also use No 1 which is a Lime, Basil, and Mandarin scent but I keep that for the day time for meditation. Yes, I said meditation and now you all think I’m crazy. Well, if you didn’t already think I’m crazy after reading about the lamp, you will now. I’m kidding, one thing you have to remember it’s not crazy or stupid if it helps someone.

IMG_4669.PNGMeditation Music from Apple Music

So, now I’m meditating, my doctor actually suggested it to me last year and I laughed at him and said “No, that is definitely not my thing”. Fast forward a few months and it is. Right now, I just do it for about 5-6 minutes. Baby steps. I go into my room, light my candles, turn on my lamp, play a meditation song on my phone, sit with my cosy cushions and close my eyes. For me,  it is actually the perfect way to calm down.

Now, I’m not telling anyone who takes anxiety medication to stop taking your tablets and light a candle and meditate. I’m just saying, I wanted to find an alternative to medication and I found it.





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