30 Days of Vegetarianism (Update #1)

Today is my 10th day with no meat. I’ve noticed a few small changes with my body. I’m not taking any notice of weight loss or things like because I am able to exercise more right now so not going to contribute weight loss to vegetarianism. 
One of the main things I have noticed is after I eat a big ass dinner is that I don’t have that heavy sluggish feeling. Don’t need to unbutton my jeans. Don’t need to take a nap after dinner. I’m not gonna lie, I used to nap daily and now I actually can’t remember when I last had one. I just feel I have more energy. 

I’ve tried several vegetarian foods that I’ve never tried before which proved a bit hit and miss. I’ve tried Tesco’s meat free range and LOVE their veggie burgers and the sweet potato, paneer and spinach bakes are amazing. They are also quite affordable. Quorn products are more expensive and some of the food tastes like shit. Their sausages taste like cotton balls, the mince tastes and smells like what I imagine sweaty balls covered in sweaty socks and then dipped into a bucket of sewage would taste like. Quorn do have some nice products, I love their Swedish style meatballs, steak pieces and bacon slices. The bacon slices actually kinda taste like bacon fries! 

10 days down. 20 to go. 


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