Strawberry and Banana Protein Bites 

These protein bites are so easy to make and best of all you don’t need to do any baking! 

Ingredients: (makes 6)

40g Oats

2 fun size bananas

15g whole chai seeds

60g smooth peanut butter

50ml unsweetened almond milk 

40g strawberry protein powder ( I used Maxi Nutrition Lean Definition which can be purchased in Argos for €19.99) 


In a small bowl mash up your bananas with a fork. 

Add in your oats and protein powder.

Add in your peanut butter and mix together. 

Then add your almond milk and mix again.

I added in pink food colouring just to make it look a little less bland but that is completely optional. 

Then take your mix and hand roll them into little balls or bars, whichever you prefer. 

Place them on a tray.

Pop into the freezer for 30-45 minutes. 

(Optional) Grate a square of dark chocolate over and top with a sliced strawberry. 

Enjoy 💕
Nutrition: (per serving) 

Calories 152

Protein 7.5g

Carbs 14.3g

Fibre 2.3g

Sugar 8.8g

Fat 6.5g

Saturated Fat 1.1g 


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