Cauliflower Pizza Base

Cauliflower pizza base 

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I could happily eat my weight in pizza so I decided to try out a healthier version. 

Base Ingredients (Serves 2)

1lb Cauliflower 

50g Light Cream Cheese

1 Medium Egg

Dash of Salt and Oregano 


Take 1lb of cauliflower and use the rice blade on a food processor till it’s finely chopped. 

Take a saucepan and fill with an inch of water. Boil water and then add in chopped cauliflower. 

Boil for 5 minutes. 

Strain the cauliflower. (Place kitchen towels over the top and press down to help squeeze out excess water. 

Take 1 egg and beat it. 

Take a mixing bowl, add in your cauliflower, beaten egg, cheese, oregano and salt. Mix together. 

Place greaseproof paper onto a baking tray and then add mixture and spread out. 

Set your oven to 200 degrees celcius and place your base in for 35-40 minutes or till its golden brown and firm. 

Take out and add desired toppings and place back into the over for 10-15 minutes 

Chicken, pepperoni and mozzarella with zero calorie BBQ sauce. 

Base Nutritional Information (Per Serving) 

105 Calories 

10g Protein 

6g Carbs

6g Fibre

6g Fat 

1g Saturated Fat 


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