I’ve Got A Tight Ass? 

It has been confirmed that I have a tight ass…… 

I realised I haven’t done a physio blog or anything to do with my knee in a few weeks. Had some good news that I’m allowed back to the gym. Of course, something had to come up so I couldn’t. I was experiencing extremely sharp pains from my right hip all the way down my leg. The doctor thought it could be my sciatic nerve so had to go and get that checked, thankfully it wasn’t. 

So the following day I brought it up to my physio, I had mentioned before I was getting pains but this time it had gotten way worse. He had a look and made me do some stretching exercises and this is when I learned don’t show up to physio hungover! My body was dehydrated from alcohol, sore, and then he made me do this stretch and my whole quad muscle cramped up, it was the most painful cramp I ever experienced. I got light headed and couldn’t hear anything. I nearly fainted, I would have died of embarrassment if I had fainted. 

After I had done trying not to faint, I was told because I had relied on my right leg so much over the past few months, my glutes on my right side have been so overworked that it’s causing extreme tightness. So, my butt muscles are tight and I have to do lots of stretching exercises to help them out. My knee is actually feeling better though, I’ve even started jogging which is something I definitely couldn’t do 2-3 months ago. 

Knee is slowly getting there and hopefully my ass will stop hurting soon! 


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