What the fuck! 

I know I’ve done a few posts on mental health and my story but this isn’t like those ones. The ones where I’m like “yay, I’m feeling great and life is full of sugar drop candy canes”. 

I honestly have no idea what has happened this week but I feel so low. I haven’t really wanted to do anything, I’ve just zero energy and I just feel like I’m being a crazy cow and overanalysing every single aspect of my life. If I make one mistake I’m just like “well that’s fucked, forget about that”. I have no idea where this crept up from. Things are pretty good in my life and then I’m hit with the “why the fuck am I feeling like this?”. I’m going through the phase of being unable to sleep again which is horrible. I’m doing cardio and still no sleep. I just don’t know.

Think I’m just gonna have to take a step back and figure out what the fuck is making me feel so anxious. 


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