It’s happening again

The best way for me to cope is to blog. It started again a week ago. 

My mood is low, I don’t want to do anything. I don’t even want to watch tv. It’s 3:50pm on a Wednesday and I’m in bed with the lights off, curtains closed, just laying down in the darkness. Things are going wrong all over the place and I’m spiralling. I keep trying to pull myself up and keep myself together but I can feel the pieces breaking. 

There are somethings going on that I can’t talk about and somethings I just don’t want to talk about. I feel some friendships with people breaking and I know I’m the problem so I’m trying not to lose those. Trying to keep the pieces together. 

It’s hard. I feel sad, alone and lost. To stay in the room or to get up? 


One thought on “It’s happening again

  1. Never forget you got friends, some you might not even know about. But friends all the same. You can always reach out to others

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