13 Reasons Why Alleged Copycat Suicide

I had no intention of blogging today but after seeing all over my Twitter timeline that a 23 year old man killed himself in Peru and was apparently inspired by 13 Reasons Why. He left tapes, the reasons behind his suicide, just like Hannah Baker.

“According to the Peruvian news outlet Diario Clarín, Franco Alonso Lazo Medrano yelled “I can’t stand a heartbreak” right before taking his life.” excerpt from Yahoo News.

He jumped out of the balcony of his 4th floor apartment, he survived the fall but died later in hospital.

Now, all over social media lately is how 13 Reasons Why glamorises suicide. I completely disagree. I think it portrays how truly ugly suicide is, the pain and agony of the loved ones left behind. Hannah’s parents don’t know about the tapes, they don’t know or understand why they lost their daughter. It’s a feeling I know personally, 16 years later, I wonder why I lost my uncle. Why did you leave us? He didn’t leave tapes, a note, etc. He just left us with nothing but questions that we will never have answers to.

Now, people say that Hannah leaving the tapes is to put blame on people and make them want to kill themselves. In the show it shows that this is Hannah’s choice. Only Hannah can chose to take her life. Suicide is a person’s choice. Yes, other factors can influence it but at the end of the day it comes down to that persons choice.

Yes, this man left tapes BUT you don’t just decide to kill yourself because of a show. Regardless of the book or the Netflix show this man would have killed himself. You don’t just decide after watching a show or reading a book to kill yourself. Mental illness isn’t that simple. This man, just like Hannah sat down and took the time to record these tapes. Took the time to write 2 notes. He thought about it. He chose to do this. He chose to carry this act out.

I think we need to stop looking for something to blame. Just like in the 00’s if there was a school shooting it was Marilyn Manson’s fault. Video games are to blame. Stop looking to blame outside factors. Increase mental health services. Stop calling men who have depression “pussies”. Don’t be a shitty person to people because you have no idea what they are going through.


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