What Makes You Happy?

I have been asked this a few times recently. I know I talk about depression and anxiety but guess I’ve never talked about happiness.

The simplest things make me happy. One of my favourite things to do is walk rescue dogs, if you follow me anywhere on social media you will see that I occasionally flood my social media with pictures of dogs, cats, donkeys and goats etc. Spending time with rescue animals is one of my favourite things in the world.

Books saved my life, I love getting lost in books. I was never a big reader until when I got depressed I wanted to stimulate my mind with something . I looked up books on depression and in a year I have gone from basically having no books to having two full bookcases in my bedroom.  I’m actually in need of a third bookcase in here.

Cooking, the kitchen is my ultimate happy place. When I hurt my knee in January, I started cooking as something to do since I couldn’t do much and it turns out that I am actually quite a good cook. That took my family members by surprise as well as myself, I always thought I’d end up accidentally poisoning everyone if I cooked dinner.

This is probably the nerdiest answer. Star Wars. Star Wars makes me happy! If I ever have a bad day or just feel low, I put on Empire! Though Harry Potter is creeping up to Star Wars. Star Wars will always be #1 but Harry Potter is right there with it.

I’m a simple person to make happy, when I allow myself and don’t caught in negativity.


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