Little Victories

To the average person this might sound a little silly but today I did something that I have always been too scared to do. I went into a coffee shop and sat down, alone. I have never done that before, I always take things to go because I feel so awkward sitting alone. I think that people will be staring at me and thinking I’m a weirdo because I’m alone.


I went into this new little coffee place in my town called Ugly Mug Coffee Shop. I saw it last night on Facebook and wanted to go in and see it, so made a promise to myself that I’d go in.


I walked up to the counter ordered a latte and a piece of cake and sat down at the table by myself and no one looked at me like I was a weirdo. I realised all my fears and anxiety about sitting in a place on my own were unfounded.


The staff were so polite that it made me feel at ease. I had my latte and the most amazing chocolate cake in the world and browsed Instagram on my phone. Once I finished I got up, thanked the guy behind the counter and left. As I said, this might seem like nothing to the average person but I felt like I won a little victory against my anxiety and I feel a little proud of myself.

image1 (2).JPG



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