Return To The Gym


October 2016 (pre injury) vs August 2017 (post injury)

As many of you know, I tore my meniscus in January. I spent months in a knee brace, on crutches and doing physiotherapy. I had been doing small bits of exercise at home to build up the strength in my knee but I really needed to go back to the gym.

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February 2nd 2017

I had put it off so long due to being scared. I was terrified I’d hurt my knee again. I never want to be stuck in a knee brace again or try to use crutches again. I was terribly bad at trying to use them! I’m surprised I didn’t end up breaking something.

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Valentine’s Day in Nikes and a knee brace…. Classy look


I was so nervous about returning, I barely slept the night before. I went through this constantly in August. Said I’d go, get nervous, be unable to sleep and then be too exhausted to go. I’d try again the next day and I’d go through the same cycle.

On Thursday, I finally walked back into the gym for the first time this year. Hopped on the treadmill for 15 minutes to warm up. I can’t run at the moment so I just speed walked. Once my 15 minutes were done, I walked into the weights room, grabbed some light dumbbells and did some benching and flys. I used dumbbells for the benching since I was on my own and easier to just drop if I was finding it too hard.

After doing some chest work, I moved onto my back. Using the pulley machine and the lat machine and then finished off with shoulders. Shoulder press and upright rows and then back on the treadmill for another 10 minutes.

I just focused on upper body on my first day back. It’s Monday now and I had planned to go to the gym on Saturday but I had severely bad DOMS. I know people say work through the pain but I could barely move my arms and was close to tears from the pain. Had to take muscle relaxers to try and help ease the pain at night so I could sleep. I know my own body and training on Saturday would have done much more harm than good so I left my body recover.

I think I pushed myself too hard on the first day back, I need to accept that my body isn’t as strong as it used to be and it’ll take time before I can push myself as hard as I used to.

One of the things that bothers me the most from being injured and then being scared to go back, is the amount of weight I put on. I think close to 30lbs. So that’s why I want to blog my way back down to my original weight and doing it without skinny tea, fat loss pills, corset that makes you thin or whatever gimmick is around at the moment. I’m going to do it through a healthy diet and exercise and I will share my weekly exercise and food diary.

Operation Get My Abs Back



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