Weight Loss Diary: Week 1

So if you’re not familiar with my story, you might want to start HERE.

So I finished Week 1 of Operation: Get Dem Abs Back…. Ok, I’m still working on the name. Hit with a few setbacks this week. I was sick, course the second I start back I would get sick. Life just loves to throw me those curveballs and I also got my period so diet may have gotten side tracked a day or two for some comfort pizza. Don’t judge me! Barring the comfort pizza and being sick I tried to stick to eating as healthy as I possibly could.

I am addicted to caesar salad sauce, I probably use 2 servings of sauce instead of 1 serving because I love it that much but it’s full of fat so that’s not good. I switched from Tesco Caesar Dressing to Care Free Caesar Sauce.




Tesco Caesar Dressing Nutritional Information 


Care Free Foods Caesar Dressing Nutritional Information 


You can buy Care Free Foods Caesar Dressing HERE

If you follow me on Facebook you will see that I’m always raving about Seamus O’Sullivan’s Food For Fitness Range so I make sure to stock my fridge up! Those turkey meatballs are to die for. I actually was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of them but I had them with tagliatelle pasta and my own homemade sauce that you can see HERE .

My favourite breakfast is poached eggs, I’ll usually just have it with some dry wholemeal toast. Though if I’ve had something else in the morning, I have it as a late night snack with some seeds. Might sound weird but it’s gorgeous!!

So, week 1 was full of illness, mother nature craving pizza and not being able to workout but just from healthy eating I’m down 1lb. Might not seem a lot but it’s a start in the right direction.


Bring on week 2!

Blue ♥ xx


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