Weight Loss Diary: Week 2


Much better week this week. Bought myself a 13 piece set of storage containers in Aldi for €14.99 so I can get my meal prep sorted so that if I’m in a rush I’m not tempted to grab junk food. My fridge is packed with salads, I’m pretty sure 80% of my meals this week were salads! I swapped out my Monster Zero in the morning for Cucumber and Lemon water.

This salad was absolutely gorgeous, took only a few minutes to make. Just cook up the chicken, slice some oranges and sprinkle some pomegranate seeds over it and you’re done.

This was my favourite dinner this week.

Placed some sesame seeds on a plate and pressed my sirloin steak into it. I did this on both sides and then seared my steak in the pan, I like mine medium rare. I then took some fresh broccoli florets, put them in a blender, added some garlic powder and coconut oil and just pulsed it till it was nicely shredded. I’m odd, I can eat broccoli shredded but you could not get me to eat it whole!


This was just a tuna salad I put together. Tuna flakes with cucumber, spring onions, onion, sesame seeds and squeezed half a fresh lemon over to taste. Quick, easy and super tasty!!


This was one of my favourite meals this week. Thai red beef curry. I normally make my own sauces but I just ended up buying an Aldi Thai Red Curry Kit. Sliced up a sirloin steak, popped it in the wok, added the paste and some coconut milk and spices and then added some red onions. Served on a bed of wholegrain basmati rice.

Now it hasn’t been all healthy eating cuz I am a firm believer in a cheat meal so Saturday I had some Italian meat pizza which was amazing and I am still drinking alcohol. Swapped out beer and prosecco for wine. I would normally have 3 beers to relax maybe twice a week or 2-3 glasses of prosecco.

Beer is full of calories and both prosecco and beer are carbonated so they make me feel very bloated the next day. Last night I had 3 glasses of wine and then washed it down with 750ml of water just to avoid dehydration.

So with all those salads, my cheat meal and my wine. I have lost another 3lbs. Which is 4lbs overall loss in 2 weeks.

Week 1 Diary HERE

See you next week ♥

Blue ♥


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