“Where the fuck have you been?”

I know I have been a bit MIA the last few weeks but I promise I am back!

So much has gone on recently, I have been trying to pull myself back into my old social butterfly ways. So when on a bestie movie date with my friend Maggie to see IT…. I definitely jumped several times. I scare so easily but I loved it!

I hadn’t been to the movies since Suicide Squad was released so was good to get out and do something different!

Sadly, I had a set back recently. I was in the book store and as I was paying, my knee popped and buckled under me. So meant I have been back in that horrible knee brace

It’s so ugly, isn’t it?

I changed my diet as well to a plant based diet so I’ve actually been losing weight steadily even while I’ve been unable to exercise. 3 weeks of being vegan and I’ve lost 7lbs. I had already lost 3lbs before I hurt my knee. So down 10lbs in total on my way to try and get back to the pre injury weight! I’m not just eating “rabbit food”, still get to eat some of my favourite foods. Like this bad boy

I’m a junkie for garlic bread and after checking a few, this one in Iceland is vegan friendly!

Then I had my blood taken today, which I hate. Just for some health reasons. Getting my blood taken from my wrist was so painful and horrible.

I promise that I am back full time to annoy you guys!

Blue x


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