Christmas Ideas For Loved Ones Suffering With Depression

“What do you get someone with depression for Christmas?”. I have been asked this quite a bit so I decided to put together a little list of presents that may be useful for someone in your life that is suffering with depression.




The Dailygreatness Wellness Journal is one of my favourites, it’s almost designed like a journal and a self help book. It’s full of guides with mindfulness, mediation and inspiration.

£39.95 from Dailygreatness


Blank notebooks are also a great idea. I always keep a notebook with me in case I need to just step away from life, write down some things or just even doodle. I always try and pick up ones that have something positive written on the cover or are Harry Potter related, I’m obsessed!


Books and Audiobooks


When I was at my lowest books were my saviour. I would probably go through about 3 books a week. I prefered to read about mental health and other people’s experiences. Some of my favourites were:

Reasons To Stay Alive – Matt Haig. €6.49 from Book Depository

All The Bright Places – Jennifer Niven. €7.20 from Book Depository

Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson. €13.37 from Book Depository

Crazy Is My Superpower – AJ Mendez Brooks. €15.93 from Book Depository


Some of my favourite books that are unrelated to mental health:

Missoula – Jon Krakauer. €10.65 from Book Depository

The Last Victim – Jason Moss. €15.56 from Book Depository

Harry Potter Collection – J.K. Rowling. €52.78 from Book Depository

American Gods – Neil Gaiman. €8.47 from Book Depository


Audio Books are often overlooked but are a great idea. They are perfect when you are no mood to do anything, can just lay in bed, listen and forget about everything.

Audiobooks go perfectly with my next suggestion.



Noise Cancelling Headphones. These are the PERFECT gift. I wouldn’t be able to suggest a specific pair. Some of those are crazy expensive but are definitely a great gift.


When you’re down and feeling shit, you want warm comforting things. PJs are a perfect present. Primark (Penneys) is full of perfect ideas, it’s not just basic cute designs. You can get Harry Potter, Disney and Star Wars cosy stuff. Which if you’re like me is a big plus!


£10 – Primark


£16 – Primark


£11 – Primark


£15 – Primark


£10 – Primark

And it’s not just women. Men like cosy and comfort too!


£16 – Primark


£12 – Primark


£12 – Primark


£9 – Primark




Keeping with comfort, fluffy blankets are perfect. Myself, I have 3 on my bed right now and wrap one around my shoulders when I walk around the house. I currently have it on my lap as I type this. I usually get mine in Primark/Penneys for €6 or in Aldi they’ve had soft fluffy blankets in the past for about €9.


£4 – Primark


£12 – Primark

Fluffy Socks


Comfort is key! I constantly wear these. They basically sell these everywhere and they are just a few euro! You can get these for both men and women!

Now onto relaxation.



Those candles pictured are some of my favourite scents and they can be bought in Aldi for €4.99. They are quite similar to Jo Malone and are a fraction of the price. I have actual spoken about these candles in a previous blog post about relaxing with anxiety, which you can read HERE.

Aldi actually do a lot of amazing scents, along with Jo Malone dupes they also do Yankee Candle dupes and smell amazing!

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Another great relaxation gift is a salt lamp. Which I also wrote about in the blog posted above. I bought mine in Horan’s Health Store in Tralee for €35. The price depends on the size. I love turning this on and lighting some candles before bed.

Video Games


This might sound questionable but this is from my own experience. When I was diagnosed with depression, my friends actually bought me a PS4. I am TERRIBLE at games, but I try.

If you follow me on social media, you will know I had the most fun this weekend from just playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole. They are a fun way to escape, especially when you’re playing a game based on superheroes and farts. I highly suggest this game just for a fun.


I hope this list helps a little ♥

Blue x


3 thoughts on “Christmas Ideas For Loved Ones Suffering With Depression

  1. I really love this post…I never thought of buying for someone based on how they’re feeling at the time. Will definitely be looking at journals in a new light. Know a friend who love Louise M Hay and listens to her audios…that might be another suggestion. Thank you 🙂


  2. Hi, loved this amazing post. Gifts are always difficult to decide, I’m going to take help from this post for upcoming Christmas.
    I’ve used these salt lamps myself and I can say they are quite beneficial. Sometimes, I suffer from depression and anxiety which used to make me miserable so these lamps really influenced positivity in my behavior. I’ve been using them now for quite a long time. I got my salt lamp from Saltean.


  3. I guess I am going to take suggestion from this article for upcoming Christmas gifts. Because loved each and every gift and I really think that in our hustle and bustle, we stop thinking about those who are suffering from depression or anxiety.
    These salts lamps are definitely a must buy. I’ve been using these lamps quite a long before, they helped a lot in reducing my depression and anxiety which I used to suffer almost daily before using them. Plus, they look incredibly versatile and can easily adapt to any style of interior. I love them! I got my salt lamp from


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