Join Me: January Challenge

This year I signed up for R.E.D January who have partnered with Mind a mental health charity. The challenge is to get active everyday.

There are no rules just to run everyday in January. Since I can’t run because of my knee injury, I’m going to aim to walk 5k everyday for 31 days, though I know some days that might not be possible with my knee but I’m going to do my best to try and I’m asking you to join me.

You can sign up and if you like raise money for mental health. I’m opting not to fundraise just because I think people might be a bit fed up that I’m always raising money for charity and spamming my social media.

There is also an online clothing store called In Music We Trust that donate half of their sales to Mind, if you would like to help that way 💕

You can sign up to R.E.D January here and join me on improving our mental and physical health 💕

I hope you join me xxx


3 thoughts on “Join Me: January Challenge

  1. Im doing a 70K challenge so not signed up for this, as am raising money for a children’s charity, however have donated to mind as I think it is a fab idea and a great cause. Will be wearing my red club vest and will endeavour to say hi to all those in red this month! Good luck!


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