It’s OK to be selfish and love yourself

One of the most important lessons from 2017 that I’m taking into 2018 is that ‘It’s OK to be selfish’ and ‘It’s OK to love yourself’.

I decided to write this post based on a recent interaction with someone. Around Christmas I was going through a bad depressive episode, I was finding it hard to talk to people and I think the only time I left the house and met up with someone that wasn’t a family member was when I went to see The Last Jedi with my friend Maggie.

I was even struggling to talk to people on social media, I only replied to certain people on Facebook because I couldn’t deal with my phone going off constantly. I even posted this message onto my Facebook.


I know that was probably a bit aggressive but at the time I was so frustrated. I just needed a break and was completely fed up and tired of trying to explain that I wasn’t into talking to people.

So a week after this a person kept messaging me. This person was trying to ask me out on a date. Now just to explain, I had been talking to to this person for a bit and I had explained that I had depression and at that particular moment they knew I was going through a bad depressive period and I was under stress like most people the few days before Christmas. I told them that I needed time away from talking to people because I was focusing on getting myself better and wanted to just spend time with my family.

Then this happened.

image1 (1).jpeg

What may seem bitchy was necessary in this case, someone was putting needy BS on me when I was at my lowest which was a dick move so I chose me. I am going to be selfish when it comes to my mental health. If I need time for myself and I explain this to you, more than once, respect that. Don’t be like this person.

2 days later:

img_1548 I had to block this person shortly after these interactions because they were giving me bad anxiety when I was trying to focus on myself. Calling me rude because I was suffering. This is when I am going to be selfish. Fuck you, I don’t owe you shit but I owe myself everything.

Call me a bitch, I don’t care. I pulled myself out of my depressive episode and now I am happy as fuck and enjoying so many things and if I need to be selfish to feel good, fuck ya I’m gonna be selfish. I will never give into people pulling needy BS on me like this person did. My mental and physical health will come before some dude asking me out.

You are allowed to be selfish when it comes to your mental and physical health.

Say ‘no’!

Be proud of your achievements no matter how big or small they are. Even it’s something like being able to pull yourself out of bed when you are physically and mentally tired, that is something to be really proud of, unless you’ve been in that situation, you have no idea how hard it is!

Are you feeling good that you want to take a couple of selfies but are afraid people will say “You love yourself!”? Fuck ya, you do! Take 10/50/100 selfies! Post the online if you want, if you are feeling good and it makes you happy do it!

Be selfish, love yourself and fuck anyone who tries to make you feel bad about yourself.

♥ Blue ♥




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