Opinion: CBD Oil for Anxiety


A few weeks ago I tried some CBD oil as people kept telling me it helps people with anxiety and depression to sleep at night.

So, I’m open to try out new things. First I tried vaping, I had given up smoking nearly a year ago so I wasn’t too keen on vaping but I was waiting for the oils to arrive so said I’d give it a shot.

When the oil arrived I started using that instead of the vape, I used it for a few weeks and in my opinion, it’s a pile of shit. It did not help my anxiety riddled brain relax, it tasted absolutely HORRIBLE and it’s expensive as fuck.

The best sleep aid for anxiety that I’ve used is Lush Sleepy lotion. It smelled amazing and worked 99% of the time for me. I have a full review HERE on Lush Sleepy.

CBD Oil is an expensive waste of money in my opinion. I would never use it again or recommend it to anyone.


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