Self Care: Pamper Day

So while going stir crazy with The Beast From The East and Storm Emma having our road snowed over, I decided to have an at home pamper day.

I had recently purchased some Lush bath bombs, I never take baths, I am a shower person but I decided after seeing loads of people on social media using them that I’d check them out.


I used the Rose Bombshell bath bomb, the smell was amazing and it even had actual rose petals in it! I climbed in, grabbed my phone and played some Foo Fighters. I’m pretty sure I spent about 30 mins just relaxing and I might have been singing along to the songs. Trust me, that didn’t sound good.


When I got out I covered myself with Sleepy body lotion which I’ve written a review about before, which you can read here.


I put on my Mask of Magnaminty, this is my favourite face mask, I have had reactions to masks from other brands. This makes my skin feel soft and look glowy! It’s my 10/10 face mask.

Then lastly I treated my lips, which have been cracked from the cold weather, to a Bubblegum lip scrub!

I never take time for pamper days, most of the time my pamper routine is to shower, wash my hair and brush my teeth. This was one of the most relaxing and inexpensive days I’ve treated myself too. Will definitely be making this a regular thing.


Bath Bomb: Rose Bombshell

Body Lotion: Sleepy

Face Mask: Mask of Magnaminty

Lip Scrub: Bubblegum



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