Slimming World: Week 1

Hey guys, so if you saw last week I posted that I joined Slimming World and that I would be doing a weekly blog about it.

It actually has been fine, I thought I’d be starving but surprisingly I am not.

I’ve had sausages, bacon and eggs most mornings, light lunch and have had big dinners. This week I’ve made Sweet Potato Beef Fajitas, Spaghetti Bolognese with a butt loads of pasta, Mexican Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Vegan Burgers, etc.

So I was kinda skeptical when I went to weigh in, I was sure I would have lost nothing or maybe gained weight… Nope


I lost 1.5lbs on my first week.

I will admit that I kinda threw the plan out the window at the weekend and drank way too much beer on Saturday watching the football and then Sunday I was too hungover to cook and got a Snack Box from the takeaway and then ate pasta and cheese before bed.

The weekend was just a write-off.

I’m sure we’ve all had one of those weekends!

On Monday, I got straight back into the plan. I will say one thing is that meal planning is very important. Today I am planning out my dinners for the next 5 days. Though I’m gonna pick up a few Slimming World meals from Iceland and pop them in the freezer because I can guarantee life will interfere and one of those dinners I’m planning won’t happen.

Next weigh in is on Thursday so I hope to see the number on the scale continue to go down.

Blue x



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