Staycation: Kerry


Cottage in Listowel

This week I had a friend come visit me in Ireland, so I was on a mini staycation in Kerry while she was over. I actually hadn’t seen my friend Tammy since May 2016, the last time I was over in London.

We stayed out in a small cottage in Listowel, I just realised now that I didn’t actually take any photos of the inside…. *face palm*. It was really cute inside and had this small wood burning stove, that we had lit both nights. It was just super cosy, relaxing and nice but I never want so see alcohol again.

As Tralee has really nothing of interest to show, I just showed her the down as we drove by and we headed out to Blennerville to see the windmill.


We took the tour which was only a few euro, I can’t remember the exact price. On the tour we watched a video about the famine and the coffin ships taking Irish people over to America. We had a little look around the exhibition centre, they had a model of the Jeanie Johnson ship. After that we were taken on a tour of the windmill.

Views from the Windmill

The one problem I did have was the stairs in the windmill. It was like walking up a steep wooden ladder, you have 5 flights to climb up. I was not a fan of that at all, by the time we reached the top, my fear of heights kicked in and I was holding onto the wall. The stairs issue was then made 100% worse when we were told we had to walk down backwards. Everyone else managed to get down and I was just stuck up at the top, freaking out inside and saying to Tammy that I’m going to end up just rotting up at the top of the windmill. I obviously was able to get down, Tammy climbed back up to me and placed her hand on my back as I made my way down. People were clapping and cheering when I made it down which was pretty embarrassing.


Fenit Lighthouse

After Blennerville, we headed out to Fenit beach. This is the beach where I pretty much grew up.

We walked down the pier, up to St Brendan’s statue and then over to the diving boards.


Managed to see the wild bunnies up close as one of them was just standing right in front of us as we were walking back to the car.

Ardfert Cathedral 

As we made our way back to the cottage, we took the back roads to I could just show Tammy some of the villages, headed to the Ardfert Cathedral, over to Abbeydorney to see my lovely friend Maggie, drove through Lixnaw, Finuge and then back to Listowel.

The next day we had to check out, so drove over to my house where Tammy was able to meet my parents for the first time and meet my dog, who is a complete short arse in reality.

After dropping off some bags we only had about 3 hours left till Tammy’s flight. So we headed off to Killarney. We went over to see Ross Castle, which I had never seen before. I think when you live in the area, you take it for granted that you live close to these lovely places.


Bambi in Killarney

As we were driving down the road to the castle we saw a fawn that was walking on the road.


Ross Castle, Killarney

It was beautiful there but it was so busy. Also, do people need to smoke at these places? I can deal with vaping in public but do you have to have your cigarette while people are trying to take in the views and enjoy nature. I definitely think that I’m going to start making regular trips to Killarney because it is so beautiful.

Boats and Ducks, Boats and Ducks, gotta have me some Boats and Ducks

After that we went on the short drive over to Muckross and we were luckily enough to see another two fawns walking through the trees as we were walking by.

Muckross, Killarney

We didn’t take the path to walk to Muckross House, we took the trail instead. img_6620

Muckross Lake, Killarney



Muckross House

I actually hadn’t been out to Muckross since I was about 8! So twenty years ago!!! That’s crazy! The walk was absolutely lovely but I hate the jaunting carts, horses having to drag tourists around. I won’t get into it now, just not something that I agree with.

Once we walked back to the car, we had to head to the airport for Tammy to get her flight. We were VERY late for the flight. The security was closed, we were that late.

I won’t get to see Tammy for about a year because she is off saving animals at the other side of the world, she’s pretty badass. As she was leaving, I got an email from an old friend who I hadn’t spoken to in years. I know it was probably just random timing but sometimes I like to think that there is meaning in things. I was just saying bye to one friend and an old one popped back in. You all reading this now probably just think I’m insane!

I hope you all enjoyed my little staycation photos and my being stuck in a windmill story.

Blue ♥



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