My name is Zara-Blue, you can call me Blue ♥

I started this website so I can share my own weight loss journey along with healthy recipes, my favourite supplements, and to do reviews on products.

I first stepped into the gym in January, 2016. I weighed 165lbs/74kg. I felt completely insecure being around all these muscular and thin people but I stuck it out and it was the best decision I ever made. I lost 30lbs/13kg last year.

Losing the weight gave me so much confidence. I felt good in my clothes, I wasn’t trying to hide my muffin top and belly. I even decided to go back to college as a mature student to do a sports related course, which I would have never have done in a million years if I hadn’t lost the weight.

So, I decided I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the past year with you ♥

(January 2016)


(May 2016)