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Activewear Under €20: Leggings

Activewear Under €20: Leggings

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a massive legging addiction. I will walk into Penneys for bedding and end up buying 4 pairs of leggings, I think I have one of every pair that Penneys sells. Other than Penneys, I do buy a lot of my leggings online. I don’t see the point in spending €90-100 on one pair of Nike leggings on Lifestyle Sports when I can get 5-6 pairs for that price. So these are my top picks for leggings under €20! Leggings.jpg

  1. Lola Fit Performance Capri Running Leggings €16 from Boohoo
  2. Nike AOP Crop Leggings €18 from Sports Direct
  3. Sports Tights €19.99 from H&M
  4. Grace Fit Mesh Panel Capri Running Leggings €16 from Boohoo
  5. Adidas Linear Tights Grey/Yellow €18 from Sports Direct
  6. Puma No1 Tights €14.40 from Sports Direct
  7. Harriet Fir Contrast Panel Running Leggings €17 from Boohoo

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