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Baked Sweet Potato with Scallion Yogurt

Baked Sweet Potato with Scallion Yogurt

Sweet potatoes with scallion yogurt sauce served with 6oz Angus steak and Italian leaves. 

I love sweet potato, whether it’s baked, mashed or made into fries. I could eat sweet potato for every meal. 

One problem I do usually have with it is that it’s impossible to cut but thanks to a little help from Google, that is no longer an issue. 

I put 2 sweet potatoes into a saucepan of boiling water and left them in there for 5 minutes. Then I drained them in a colander, refilled the saucepan with freezing cold water and threw them back into the cold water, just to cool them down so I could pick them up without burning myself (I burn myself a lot). 

Since the sweet potatoes were softened up by the boiling water. I took a large knife and make several slices that went  2/3rds of the way down. 

I took my garlic granules, pepper, sea salt, olive oil, thyme and melted butter and mixed them all together in a small bowl.

Using a pastry brush, I coated the sweet potatoes with the mixture. 

Then placed them on a baking tray and popped them into the over for 25mins at 210 degrees. 

After the 25 mins, I took them out and used a fork to open up the sliced parts a little more. Then popped back into the over for a further 25mins. 

Once they were cooked, I took my fat free yogurt and chopped up some scallions and put them in a little dip bowl and then served. 


2 medium sweet potatoes 

1tsp melted butter

1tsp olive oil 

1tbsp thyme

1tsp garlic granules

1tsp sea salt 

1tsp pepper

1 chopped scallion 

Fat Free yogurt 

Nutrition (2 potatoes)

306 Calories

6g Protein

40g Carbohydrates 

8g Fibre

14g Natural Sugar

10g Fat

3g Saturated Fat 


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