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Doggie Blog 2

Doggie Blog 2

Hey guys, pup had another vet visit today so thought I’d update you all on how he’s doing. If you haven’t read the first blog you can find it here .

I honestly thought there wouldn’t be much weight loss as with the Beast From The East, and just loads of personal stuff going on, I’ve been quite bad at the meal prep for him.


He did have lots of fun in the snow, for the 2 days that we had it he’s also still keeping up with carrots as snacks.


So at his last weigh in he was 38 kg and his belly was 33 inches. As of today (7th March, 2018) he weighs 36 kg and his belly is 31.5 inches. That’s a total loss of 4kg (approx 9lbs) and 1.5 inch belly loss! Which is fantastic! I was honestly shocked at the numbers. He is still on some variation of green beans, chicken and kibble. I must get back prepping it properly though.


I honestly can’t recommend Bob Martin Advanced Nutrition enough! Lowest fat kibble I could find out of several shops!

Next weigh in is 2 weeks so lets hope to get to 35 kg and the belly down to 30.5 inches!!

Stay tuned ♥


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