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I will never…

I will never…

I have been thinking about over Christmas the things I will never have.

I will never have a lifelong partner because when I tried to date with depression, I had bad spells and he never spoke to me again.

I will never have a child for the fear my depression is hereditary. Several members of my family have it.

I will never gain confidence because I fear everything, half the time I think my family are embarrassed of me.

I apologised to my family when I spoke about mental health on radio in case they were embarrassed of me.

I fear I will be the loser of my family and my nephews and nieces will never know how much I love them though it’s hard for me to see them cuz my anxiety branches out to my family.

I feel I will never belong


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  • Bless you for writing this. You’re an amazing person & so brave for writing this. Speaking on the radio is awesome & I bet you helped so many who listened in. Keep going, you’re doing amazingly 🙂

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