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I will punch you in the face!

I will punch you in the face!

Why do people completely lose their manners coming up to Christmas?

I decided to start my Christmas shopping in advance. Crowds + anxiety + knee brace = disaster. So I have tried to get as much done before the masses start hitting the shops. Yesterday though I had to go into town to pick up my youngest nephews the last bit of their presents.

When I have to walk around for a long time, I wear my knee brace for support and also because it’s ugly and unmissable so people will see it and hopefully not bash into my leg. So I was walking through the town, in the massive pedestrianised area and this woman in her gaudy fur coat nearly ploughed me down and AHEM’d me. There was a 6 foot free gap to my right but no, the gaudy fur coat bitch nearly knocked me down cuz her fat ass couldn’t move a few inches to her left. In case you ask why I didn’t move, there was no room to my left.

Walked another 20 feet and a child of the travelling community ran right in front of me and walloped my knee with their elbow and then the adult that was with them bashed into my leg when they were stampeding across the walkway.

The only thing that stopped me from losing the rag with these people was the fact I was with my mother and she would have killed me if I had said anything.

I would never hit off anyone accidentally and not apologise, I would never AHEM anyone to move out of my way because I was brought up with this thing call manners. Just because coming up to Christmas is hectic it doesn’t give you a free pass to be a rude asshole.

Just a final note. If anyone hits off me when I’m in my knee brace again, I will take it off smack you in the face with it and then rain down elbows on your face.


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