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My Favourites: Bloggers

My Favourites: Bloggers

So I decided to do something a little different, I wanted to let you into my world a little and get to know me a little better by sharing some of my favourite things. Rather than bombard ye with a load of stuff. I’m gonna make this a weekly series.

♥ Favourite  Bloggers ♥


♥ Instagram:  Judesmc

♥ Facebook Jude’s Law

I am completely obsessed with Judi’s insta and FB, she is legit makeup, hair and eyebrow goals!


♥ Insta RetroFlame

♥ Facebook RetroFlameBlog

Erika is one of my favourite fashion and lifestyle bloggers.


♥ Insta EllieJayden

♥ Facebook EllieJayden

Shona is one of the most creative people I’ve met. She’s a cosplayer and a youtuber.



♥ Insta RainbowsandFairydustBlog

♥ Facebook RainbowsAndFairyDustBlog

Rebecca is also a fashion and lifestyle blogger with a very affordable style.


♥ You guys just need to head over to their social media accounts to see why I love these bloggers. Also did you spot the running theme? All the ladies are Irish! Gotta show love for the Irish gals! ♥


Blue x


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