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Super Bowl Series: Spicy Chicken

Super Bowl Series: Spicy Chicken

When it comes to football I LOVE to eat chicken while I’m watching but I am really trying to stay as healthy as possible so though I would love to order a big bowl of greasy wings, I decided to make my own chicken treat.

Though I ate the chicken fillets whole, I do also recommend them in a healthy tortilla wrap and make it into fajitas.

Sliced Mixed Peppers

Ingredients (Serves 2)

4 Chicken Fillets

3 Bell Peppers (I decided to go with one of each to add colour to the plate)

1/4 Whole Onion



Garlic Powder

Chilli Flakes

Himalayan Rock Salt

Chopped Onion and Sliced Peppers


Take your whole peppers, cut off the top and bottom and then cut out the seeds.

Cut your peppers into slices.

Take 1/4 of an onion and cut it up into slices.

Take a baking dish and oil it up, I use Fry Light 1 Calorie Olive Oil.

Place chicken fillets into dish and sprinkle both sides with a generous amount of cumin, oregano, garlic powder, Himalayan rock salt and chilli flakes.

Seasoned Chicken

Take your onions and peppers and place them into the baking dish with the chicken.

Pop into the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees celsius.

Before popping in the oven

Now to give this chicken a real kick.

Available in Aldi for €1.99

This stuff is so hot and spicy and just compliments the chicken so well. This is going to be a permanent ingredient in my fridge.

Nutritional Information (Serving = 2 fillets w Jalapeno Relish)

Calories 346

Protein 54g

Carbohydrates 24g

Fat 5g

Saturated Fat 1g

Fiber 8g



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