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“Where have you gone?”

“Where have you gone?”

“You just disappeared offline, where have you gone?”

“What’s wrong? Why have you deleted everything?”

I did the crazy thing and deactivated Facebook and Twitter. Why? I needed a fucking break and I need to refocus my attention to myself. Since I am free to go to the gym again (starting on Monday), I spent way too much time in the social media cesspool so I took myself out of it and am working on my physical health.

My mental health is genuinely great, moving down by another 5mg of my antidepressants in 2 weeks. I’ll be down to 20mg. Slowly getting off them. Just I have always been focused on my mental battles and my shit knee that I have kinda let myself down physically.

I have been eating junk, way too much pizza and carbonated drinks and I am at a weight that I am not happy about so. I am just going focusing on myself, doing the things I love like cooking and writing on this blog.

It’s gonna be an adventure detoxing myself from social media and trying to get myself back in tiptop shape again.

Lets begin….


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