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Why Do You Care?

Why Do You Care?

This is about something that I’ve been experiencing lately and it’s really starting to annoy me.

I had always been a meat eater, everyone in my family eats meat though in the past I have dabbled in vegetarianism but it’s never really stuck. A month ago I watched something that made me physically ill and I went full blown vegan. Surprisingly for me veganism is a lot easier than vegetarianism, which probably sounds weird.

My problem is the amount of hate, I’ve gotten since I switched from meat eater to vegan. People really need to let me know that they eat meat and they think I’m stupid because I don’t. On my social media, whether it’s my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc I have always posted pictures of food and I usually include the recipe. It was fine when I was posting chicken meals and beef meals but the second I stopped and used the word “vegan” every Tom, Dick and Harry had to fly in with their comments that they eat meat. That’s fine, I particularly don’t care what anyone eats. I’m conscious about what goes into my body.

I’ve been getting photos sent to me on snapchat of people eating meat and making a vegan joke, I know these people probably think they’re HILARIOUS but I don’t care. I’ve had people asking me to shop sharing vegan products I find in the supermarket, don’t like it, don’t follow me. It’s that simple. I’ve had on my personal Facebook people leaving comments telling me they would never go vegan, meat is too good. That’s fine but I didn’t ask so I don’t care.

Meat eaters always say “Vegans are always preaching not to eat meat”. My experience has been that meat eaters keep preaching for me to eat meat while I’m just enjoying my Texas BBQ Pringles in my pjs.


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